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Spiritual awakening

Julie Page

I am passionate about working with people who have experienced abuse or trauma, whether it be sexual, physical or emotional.


When we experience trauma we lose part of who we truly are because of the after effects, such as anxiety, flashbacks and dissociation (when we feel distanced from our emotions or ‘spaced out’, as if we’re living on autopilot).

I love helping people rediscover who they really are by creating an environment in which they feel safe and completely accepted. I don't analyse you but with careful listening will know what we need to work on. Where are you closing down or dissociating? When are you making yourself 'small' or compromising yourself, and why?

I have had a lot of training in various subjects such as trauma, spirituality, meditation, ecotherapy, and working with the 'felt sense' of situations (Eugene Gendlin) and so can employ a variety of techniques that can help. I have worked as a trauma counsellor for SARSAS and The Green House (both sexual abuse charities) as well as being a young people’s counsellor for various schools and colleges, and have had training with Barnado’s and NSPCC in delivering a specialist trauma service.

I also enjoy working with people from a spiritual perspective and have a particular interest in the 'Dark Night of the Soul', sudden Kundalini Awakenings and the Twin Flame phenomenon, as they carry the potential for massive personal transformation. What have you come here to learn in this lifetime? What situations do you keep recreating that you are meant to learn from? What is your purpose?

Wherever you are on your journey, I would love to meet you. Together we will face any challenges and work to empower you, and I will be with you 100% every step of the way. 

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